“Less meat, less junk, more plants”

Mark Bittman, NYTimes food columnist-turned-food-advocate, wrote a neat little article  encouraging people to be, on the one hand, more thoughtful about their food, and, on the other hand, less neurotic about it.  Instead of worrying about some silly diet regime,  his ideology of eating is simple: “much less junk, fewer animal products and more veggies.”

For more about the social and environmental impact of this ideology, albeit simplified into soundbite form, check out Bittman’s TED talk from a couple year ago; it’s a clarion call to reduce your intake of meat and processed foods:

Luckily for the whole “Food Stamp Feast” concept, it’s possible to cut out the junk food and switch to (mostly) veggies while keeping your food expenses to a minimum.

I’m not offering you any of my cooking adventures in this post, but in case you’re scrounging for cooking ideas I’ll point your towards ‘Below the Line’ Budget Recipes. It’s a list of tasty and nourishing recipes from a British blogger with a taste for frugality…that’ll give you something to chew on. (Get it?)


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Thomas currently tutors Chinese, writes blog posts, and works in the non-profit sector.
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