The Uses of Yogurt

The other day a friend said to me, incredulously: “You always have yogurt!”

Well, it’s true. I do always have yogurt.  It’s a very common thing to have here in Portland. (Yogurt, kale and lentils — cheap, nutritious foods — are enshrined in Portland kitchens, I think.)

The fact is that yogurt is good for your guts.  It’s well known that the probiotic cultures in yogurt aid your digestion and enhance your ability to absorb nutrients.  And the chemistry in your bowels doesn’t just help govern digestion — it also helps regulate mood!

(Regular Radiolab listeners may have ascertained this from the most recent episode.)

Anyway, in light of the importance of yogurt, here is a brief list of things you can do with it:

  • smoothie (provided you have some sort of fruit and some sort of ice)
  • quiche (mix yogurt with eggs and various cheeses and you have instant quiche filling)
  • dip (mix greek yogurt with ranch dressing — seriously)
  • baked goods (it fits in wherever you need liquid to balance out your dry ingredients)
  • instead of sour cream (greek yogurt tastes almost exactly the same!)
  • lazy desert (with honey and cinnamon — who ever heard of these flavors together??)
  • add to mashed potatoes/scalloped potatoes
  • base for creamy pasta sauces (as I asked in an earlier post, why buy cream?)
  • mix with granola for breakfast (why buy milk, even?)

PLUS it’s got a hell of a shelf life.  Yes, may your refrigerators always contain the familiar pint of yogurt — you’ll be happier and healthier for it, I’m willing to bet.

[This post sponsored by the World Yogurt Association!]


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Thomas currently tutors Chinese, writes blog posts, and works in the non-profit sector.
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