Risotto! (or, in anagram form: Sttir O_o)

Wow, I didn’t blog for the entire month of December!  That’s a sobering thought. Of course, January sobriety is a good thing if you enjoyed the holiday season as much as I did.

OK, here are your ingredients. Note that they all look rather beige and bland in their unsullied state.  Not to worry: when we cut open that squash and roast it for about an hour at 450 degrees, it will come out looking all sorts of vibrant and delicious and vaguely sexual:

When you have about 20 minutes left on the squash cooking time, start heating up some stock in a saucepan. I used store-bought chicken broth, and am slightly ashamed of myself for doing so. (My excuse is that I don’t have any chicken bones lying around…but I could always have made some sort of vegetable broth. The process is “wonderfully easy and blissfully imprecise“)

Back to the Risotto. Put a pan on medium heat, add a glug of olive oil, then wait a few moments for good measure.  Now, appreciate this wondrous universe in which we live.  Then add some chopped onion to the pan. Add minced garlic too, as many cloves as you dare.  You can add cumin and dried sage too, if you like.  Once the onion is soft and translucent, add about one and half cups of arborio rice.  You want to stir well and let it toast for thirty seconds or so, then, slowly but surely, start spooning in broth.

Then, stir. Then, after each spooning of the broth is absorbed, add more. Stir.  Etc. This is where the anagram comes in — you really do have to stir until your facial expression resembles O_o.  You can never over-stir in this situation. This type of rice that will absorb as much broth as you throw at it, as long as you stir constantly and add the broth in small quantities.  After 20ish minutes of this, your risotto should have a creamy texture and stew-like consistency.

Add chunks of squash, and you are in the money:

(I probably should have continued stirring and adding broth…but my patience is limited.  Ultimately I can submit to a little al dente risotto if it means relief for my stirring arm.)

In any case, this risotto is a luscious savory winter dish. Make it a meal with a crisp green salad…or some brussels sprouts roasted in bacon fat!  But that’s another blog post entirely.


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Thomas currently tutors Chinese, writes blog posts, and works in the non-profit sector.
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