Spicy Sweet Potato Hash w/ Chorizo

It’s autumn, going on winter — time to clear out those sinuses with a spicy sweet potato concoction!  Gather up a large sweet potato, a fresh jalapeño pepper (complete with tilde over the n), some cilantro, a bunch of spring onions, and a couple chorizo sausages.  Like so:

Chop up the sweet potato into small pieces, something like quarter inch cubes.  Place the sweet potato pieces in a microwave safe bowl and mix ’em up with small splash of vegetable oil. Cover this with a non-metal lid (or plastic wrap) and microwave for 3ish minutes.  Once the sweet potato is cooked through, dump it into a hot skillet and add chopped jalapeno and spring onion.  Cook for a few minutes, attempting to brown the sweet potato on all sides.  You could add other quick-cooking veggies at this point, e.g. I threw in some green pepper that needed to be used up.  Depending on how spicy your chorizo is, you could also add some extra flavor in the form of spices. Any combination of cumin, paprika, turmeric, or cayenne would work, but I skipped all those and just went for about a half a teaspoon of curry powder.

After mixing in the spices, decant the sweet potato veggie mix into a bowl:

and now for the chorizo part, which is pretty straightforward. Just start cooking up your chorizo pieces in the now empty pan:

Once those are nicely browned, mix in the sweet potato hash and tear up some of that fresh cilantro (remember, from the first picture?) to sprinkle on top.

And if you really want a classy breakfast, slide a runny fried egg over the hash just before serving.  Perfect!


About Thomas

Thomas currently tutors Chinese, writes blog posts, and works in the non-profit sector.
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