“I didn’t even know they served hummus at Chipotle…”

Here’s my impromptu recipe for chipotle hummus. It has a smoky, garlic-y kick that will leave kick-less humus in the dust!

First, peel a whole head of garlic, cut maybe an eighth of an inch off the tips of the cloves. Wrap that in tinfoil and stick it in a (toaster) oven preheated to 350.  Then whip out your food processor. (A true food stamp feaster probably doesn’t own a food processor, so I advise mooching off of someone who does). Into the belly of the food processor, add the following:

  • 1 can chick peas (aka garbanzos), drained
  • 2-3 tablespoons tahini, a traditional sesame paste
  • a few glugs white wine vinegar (because I didn’t have a lemon)
  • half an adobo pepper, with its sauce
  • a teaspoon of salt
  • a healthy dose of fresh cracked pepper
  • a few teaspoons of cumin

Now the fun part: assuming that 20ish minutes have passed, since you’ve been opening cans of chickpeas and whatnot, take the hot head of garlic out of the oven and carefully squeeze the molten garlic out of the little openings that you made when you cut the tips of the cloves.  Ah, your hands will have the spicy scent of garlic for days! Joy.

Add the roast garlic mush to the contents of the food processor and pulse for about a minute, while drizzling a steady trickle of good olive oil into the mixture.

A couple tips on serving humus: First, I find that humus is better after sitting in the fridge overnight. Like soups and stews, humus benefits from having the extra time for its flavors to really meld together. Also, when you take the humus out of the fridge it may look a little like sludge (or natural peanut butter).  If you don’t want your guests to have a big mouthful of beige plaster, mix the humus up with a dash of water before you serve it.


About Thomas

Thomas currently tutors Chinese, writes blog posts, and works in the non-profit sector.
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